About me

Robyn MCPhail - this is me and my story

Farmer’s daughter, philosopher, mum, retired minister and gran, I have received so much from the wellspring of life and want that spring to keep flowing onto others.

“He puna ngākau” – a term gifted by a kuia-mentor in Te Tai Tokerau.  What I offer here comes from my heart and from all that has been given to me.  I am Pākehā tūturu (of Scottish, Irish, and English heritage), who has sat at the feet of Whangaroa Māori and many other peoples from the world of rural churches and found a much bigger world in which to be myself and give of myself.

Both my life-companion, Neil, and I grew up in the deep south of New Zealand.  We’ve lived in recent years in the Far North.  We share a deep connection with the natural world around us and, having loved the north with its bays and islands, we have now returned to our own maunga, awa, and moana – the mountains, rivers and lakes, that are ūkaipō, our home and true place simply to be.

We are making our home in Central Otago.  This is where I now immerse myself.   I’m here to serve, to cherish, to enjoy the place and the people.  Awhi atu awhi mai.