The Isaiah Vision

In 1992 Raymond Fung wrote a little booklet called The Isaiah Vision. It was based on Isaiah 65:17-25, a text that countered the dominant view of the world and human nature, showing it up as illusion, as disinformation, and not the… Read More »The Isaiah Vision

Water and Livelihood

Ko Tapuwai-o-Uenuku te Maunga – Benio, Eastern Southland looking towards the Blue Mountains E kore te wai, e kore te tangata.No water, no people. This has been the big issue at centre of attention in every community I’ve worked in… Read More »Water and Livelihood

Assessing Change

Were they the good old days? I’ve been asked to write something about how the organisation I have served in has changed since 1990.  After 32 years I have now retired, leaving the tasks of ministry and leadership to “the… Read More »Assessing Change

Memory and Place

For my nephew who can be wise without using many words.   “Too much time on your hands – you need to make more jam”. Well the apricot season is over and we’re now in a world where there is much… Read More »Memory and Place