Miscellaneous published documents.

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Short Reflections and Services

Te Reo Māori and My Life 2022.02.13_online

Climate Change and Bubble-Wrap  2021.07.25_ClydeAlexandra

St John Awards Northland 2019 NthldStJohnAwards2019.10.19_WordsofEncouragement  

Building Bridges in Aotearoa – article on the Rural/Urban divide, pp.8-9,11 in December 2020/January 2021 newsletter of Knox Church Dunedin

Worship We Work on Together – January 2016 Worship

Articles and Studies

Cain and Abel: An Old Story Raising Today’s Issues – Bible study revised 2021 CainandAbelStudy

Water – an article written for Tui Motu in May 2016 Water_TuiMotu2016May  

Holding on to Hope – Publication of the International Rural Churches Association Conference Malawi 2014 HoldingontoHope_online

Holding on to Hope: Encouraging and Resourcing Rural Churches –  StudyLeaveReport2014

Voice of the voiceless: justice for people of the land a chapter for But is it Fair? 2014 VoiceoftheVoiceless

Joy has been put to shame – a chapter for A Thinker’s Guide to Sin 2010 SinAndShame_Chapter

Conversations with Texts in Worship – June 2008 Conversations With Texts in Worship

Let’s Share our Treasure – June 2008 Lets Share Our Treasure

A Forum Process for Engaging with the Bible – June 2008 Engaging with the Bible

A Contextual Retelling of the Narrative of the Prophet Joel – May 2008 Retelling Joel

A Contextual Retelling of Genesis 4 – May 2008 Retelling Genesis 4

Retelling the Story of Elijah – May 2008 Retelling Elijah

A Christian Perspective on Sustainability in Rural Areas – September 2007 ChristianPerspectiveonSustainabilityinRuralAreas

Cain and Abel: Conversations with a well-travelled text and a multi-character God – 2002 Cain and Abel 

Living on the Land – Ecotheology in Rural New Zealand 2000 Living on the Land