Robyn's Ramblings

Robyn’s Ramblings began as my comment for the regular church newsletter. In each place I worked as minister, the newsletter went out to a wide group of people, some closely involved in church, many not so involved. The focus was always on real stuff for real people.

The challenge to offer something has been good for me and, to my surprise, so has the feedback. So I want to keep sharing, to keep challenging myself in case there are people out there who are interested. More than that, I do hope people will pick up on my thoughts and respond with comments.

I’ve learned most by interacting with people, especially people questioning me or pulling me up on some aspect I hadn’t thought of, or even known about.

We learn from one another and I know I have learnt more from people than anywhere else. Book learning talk me how to think, how to process well what I see and hear, what I do and feel. People have taught me about life.

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